September 28-30, 2022, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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September 28-30, 2022, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

International exhibition of electronics, electrical engineering, cable and wire products, green energy, technology and manufacturing


September 28-30, 2022
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

UzE-TechExpo – первая и специализированная международная выставка Электроники, Электротехники, Кабельно-проводниковой продукции, Зеленой энергетики, Технологий и Производства.

This is the place where leading manufacturers, specialized suppliers and industry newcomers will present industry trends, system solutions, equipment, also, will be able to expand sales, establish new business contacts, negotiate directly at the exhibition site, demonstrate their products, technology or new developments to potential customers.

Participation in the exhibition will help:

Bring your product to the market of Uzbekistan, with favorable conditions for modernization and increase in output

Implement investment projects, learn firsthand about government support programs and industry development prospects

To attract new clients, to increase sales volume, to expand the geography of our products

Make a statement about yourself and your product, develop new sales markets

Book a booth at UzE-TechExpo

Find new customers at UzE-TechExpo

Use the unique opportunity to present your products to a wide audience of specialists and get free access to key buyers and distributors

Have direct conversations with potential customers who are difficult to target online.

Learn the needs of your target audience and generate the best offers to increase sales.

If your company is not at the show, competitors can "intercept" your loyal customers.

Show your company at your booth how your equipment works and demonstrate the technological features of your products so that when they come back from the show, they will make a decision to purchase a product that they have already appreciated in terms of technology and quality. 

Финансовая поддержка экспонентов
Advantages of participation in the exhibition

UzE-TechExpo is the first specialized international exhibition of electronics, electrical engineering, cable and wire products, green energy, technology and manufacturing in Uzbekistan
Participation in UzE-TechExpo allows: 

Conduct personal meetings and direct negotiations with target visitors

Establish new business contacts

Showcase your company's capabilities, equipment and solutions

Learn the needs of your target audience and generate the best offers to increase your company's sales in 2022

Get up-to-date information about the market and positioning of your competitors; 

Increase your market share and presence in Central Asia.

Use sponsorship and advertising opportunities of the exhibition to increase sales

UzE-TechExpo is an effective tool to increase sales of modern equipment and increase brand awareness of the company and its products.

Using sponsorship and advertising opportunities UzE-TechExpo, your company gets an excellent opportunity to attract the attention of large professional audience to its products during the exhibition and long before it.

Attractive business location for investment in the production of electrical and electronics.

2,455 industrial projects for developing cooperation

Benefits and preferences for the development of the electrical industry

Tax incentives for exporters and importers

Additional promotional tools provide a broad reach and impact to a large number of specialists of manufacturing companies from various industries, nondestructive testing laboratories and regional dealers in the Northwest region.

Sponsorship packages content can be tailored to your company's marketing goals, objectives and interests.

Участники выставки

Partners and information support


Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan


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