5 - 7 ноября 2024, Ташкент, Узбекистан

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6 - 8 Сентября, 2023, Ташкент, Узбекистан

3-я Международная выставка "Электроника. Электротехника и Инновационные технологии -
E-TechExpo 2024"


5 - 7 November 2024
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Золотой спонсор E-Tech 2023

E-TechExpo – Международная выставка электроники, электротехники и инновационных технологий

Manufacturers and suppliers of electrical engineering, electronic devices, cable and wire products, electric power devices, automation and measurement tools, components and modules for the production and design of electronics and household appliances will present modern equipment, technologies and developments to potential buyers at the exhibition.

The main sections of the exhibition:

Participation in the exhibition is an opportunity:


Bring your product to the promising and developing market of Uzbekistan;

Find clients from different countries, conduct direct negotiations, increase sales, expand the geography of the company's presence;

Strengthen ties with existing partners and establish new business contacts;

Study the offers of competitors, learn about new technologies;

Analyze the market situation and business competitiveness.

Забронируйте стенд на выставке E-TechExpo

Use the potential of the exhibition to enter the market of Uzbekistan:

✓ Present your products to a wide audience of specialists.

✓ Negotiate directly with potential clients who are difficult to contact online.

Learn the needs of your target audience and generate the best offers to increase sales.

If your company is not at the show, competitors can "intercept" your loyal customers.

Personally show at your company's stand how your equipment works, demonstrate the technological features of the products, competitive advantages, so that specialists make a decision to purchase your particular product.

Use sponsorship and advertising opportunities of the exhibition to increase sales
  • Advertising in the exhibition guide
  • General sponsorship

E-TechExpo — это эффективный инструмент для увеличения объемов продаж современного оборудования и повышения узнаваемости бренда компании и выпускаемой продукции за рубежом.

Используя спонсорские и рекламные возможности E-TechExpo, Ваша компания получает отличную возможность привлечь внимание значительной части профессиональной аудитории к своей продукции как во время выставки, так и задолго до ее проведения.

Uzbekistan is an attractive business location with the most dynamically developing economy in Central Asia.

2,455 industrial projects for developing cooperation

Benefits and preferences for the development of the electrical industry

Tax incentives for exporters and importers

Sponsorship packages content can be tailored to your company's marketing goals, objectives and interests.

Участники выставки

Sponsors and partners

Partners and information support


Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan


ICA Eurasia

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