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AKIP-4140 high resolution oscilloscopes. Honest 12 bits in the range up to 500 MHz

Introducing a new series of digital oscilloscopes AKIP-4140 under the brand name AKIP ™. The new series is a series of high resolution AKIP-4140 oscilloscopes, with a digit capacity of 12 bits and the level of self-noise is less than 70 μV in the bandwidth of 500 MHz. AKIP-4140 series oscilloscopes allow you to display captured signals with a high level of detail and with nuances that are lost when using an 8-bit oscilloscope. When using a 12-bit ADC in an oscilloscope, measurements are more accurate and unaffected by quantization noise.

New AKIP-4211 portable spectrum analyzer series

The line of spectrum analyzers produced under the AKIP™ trademark has been extended by the first portable series of spectrum analyzers: AKIP-4211.

New AKIP-4211 series spectrum analyzer is a portable device in two versions with built-in lithium battery, which provides up to 4 hours of continuous operation. The AKIP-4211 is a specialized device for field work, the delivery set includes a GPS antenna for positioning the device on the ground, and an optional soft transport bag can be used as a stand for the device. The AKIP-4211 series spectrum analyzers are general-purpose instruments and have all the necessary resources onboard for testing RF products and REA devices at the stages of their development or production.

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