Korean investors will create an industrial technopark in the Fergana region of Uzbekistan named "ECOcity".

On the territory of the industrial zone of the ECOcity complex in Ferghana region of Uzbekistan, there will be created an Industrial Technopark of Korean Manufacturers. A group of 15 Korean investors visited Uzbekistan for this purpose and met a mayor of the Fergana region.

According to “Dunyo” news agency, agreements on the implementation of the investment project in the region were signed during the visit of a delegation of officials and entrepreneurs of the Fergana region, headed by the regional mayor, to the Republic of Korea on March 27-30.

As a result of negotiations with South Korean investors in Seoul, it was decided that the production plants of “Incense Korea“, “Herbtherapy“, “Juno cosmetics“, “Samhee“ (cosmetics), “Techon System“, “Korea Electric Lighting“ (autonomous lamps), “Yeowoon“ (jewelry), “Daeha Solutech“ (cable manufacturing), “Juil“ (fire protection equipment) and others will be located in the Eco-City Technopark

The heads of these companies and a number of other investors from South Korea participated in the meeting held in Fergana. They said they were ready to start practical work on implementing their projects.

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