September 6-8, 2023, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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6 - 8 Сентября, 2023, Ташкент, Узбекистан

Advantages of participation


UzE-TECHExpo - the first and specialized international exhibition of electronics, electrical engineering, cable and wire products, green energy, technology and manufacturing, which will be organized and conducted with the support of the Association "Uzeltekhsanoat", based on the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PP-5011 of 2 March 2021.

Uzbekistan ranks 14th in the world in natural gas production, third in exports and sixth in cotton production, seventh in the world in uranium reserves, fourth in total gold reserves and seventh in gold production, and sixth in cotton production.
In 2021, Uzbekistan's economy achieved record growth rates, despite the continuation of the pandemic, continued increased turbulence in the global economy. The country's GDP for the year increased by 7.4% compared to last year's modest growth of 1.9%.

Attractiveness of the country

Uzbekistan's electrical industry indicators for 2021.
Production volume: $1.5 billion.
Product exports: $ 562,5 million.
Disbursement of investments: $150.6 million.
Geography of exports: more than 40 countries.

Area of the country: 448.9 km2

Population: 35.27 million people

Language: Uzbek, Russian, English

Natural resources: over 1,800 fields

Enterprises with foreign capital: 11,000. The main part of enterprises belongs to Russian Federation (1864), Republic of Turkey (1690), People's Republic of China (1306), Korea (824), Republic of Kazakhstan (766), etc.

The market volume of electrical products of Central Asian countries (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan) is $7.8 billion.

Trade agreements: with CIS free trade countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Russian Federation)

Объем промышленного производства вырос

Indicators for 2021:

Industrial output grew 8.7%
Electricity, gas, steam, and air conditioning grew the most, up 13%,
The mining sector grew 10.7%,
Metallurgy, up 8.1%,
Manufacturing sector grew 8.2%. 


Technologies and equipment for electrical industry

Electromechanical and electronic components

Home appliances and electronics

Power Electronics

Automation Systems


Automotive Electronics

Environmental Technology

Профиль приглашенных посетителей

  • Представители принимающие и влияющие на решения промышленных заводов (УзАвто,СамАвто, ТМЗ, Узметкомбинат и т.д)
  • Девелоперы и промышленные застройщики
  • Специалисты энерго снабжающих предприятий (ТЭЦ, ГРЭС, установщики эл. зарядных станций)
  • Дилеры и представители компаний по альтернативной энергетике
  • Специалисты и дилеры по кабельно-проводниковой продукции
  • Производители электротехнических изделий промышленного и бытового назначения
  • Банки, сервисные компании

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