UzE-TechExpo 2023 presents novelties of the electronics world

UzE-TechExpo 2023 - International Exhibition for Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Green Energy and Innovative Technologies invites visitors on September 6-8, 2023 at the Uzexpocentre NEC. вновь приглашает посетителей в период 6-8 сентября 2023 года в НВК «Узэкспоцентр».

The organiser is the Congresses of Central Asia - CCA and its partner ICA Eurasia Group.

The modern world cannot be imagined without the achievements in the electronics industry. It is present everywhere in our lives - from the simplest household appliances and gadgets to the complex industrial devices. Moreover, it is one of the fastest growing industries. The role of semiconductors and electronic chips in almost all sectors can hardly be overestimated. This is the only exhibition of high technologies and modern solutions that are focused on the needs of modern industrial production and everyday life. For visitors - various equipment and technologies from the leading manufacturers and suppliers, demonstration of the latest developments for households and production

This year the exhibition will be attended by companies from China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan. They will present a wide range of electrics, electronics, household appliances, video surveillance systems, communications and telecommunications equipment, as well as solar panels.

Despite its young age, the exhibition is dynamically gaining momentum and attracting various experts. Registration is in progress to visit the exhibition by the link

The exhibition provides a unique opportunity for foreign manufacturers and suppliers to enter the rapidly growing market of Uzbekistan, not only in the field of supplies, but also in establishing business and partnership relations with domestic companies and organisations.

The exhibition is organised under support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan.

Organiser: Congresses of Central Asia - CCA and its partner ICA Eurasia Group.

Tel.: +9989 71 205 14 14, 237 15 54

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